Sometimes you will find yourself with that morning cup of joe staring out your window and thinking to yourself “There isn’t much to look at,” and then turning the blinds shut and focusing on a screen instead. Wouldn’t it be great to know that there are ways you can spruce up your yard so that you can enjoy your yard rather than a screen?

Well, when you incorporate better trees into your landscaping, you can improve your morning routine with a good dose of nature. Flowering trees are something that easily brings a return on investment and allows you to enjoy them while you live there. Here are some beautiful trees to incorporate to create the landscaping you want to look at.

Flowering Dogwoodflowering dogwood

This tree is one of the most incredible ornamental trees that you can have on your North Carolina lawn. The flowering leaves on this tree are an off-white color with a reddish-brown middle that creates a contrast that you will want to look that every single morning. The Flowering Dogwood Tree will also bring some extra joy with it by attracting birds!

Crepe Myrtle

There are actually two types of Crepe Myrtle Trees: Japanese and Indica. They are two sides of the same species and are likely pretty similar in look. However, for geography purposes, the Indica Crepe Myrtle is the one that you will want because it thrives in the south. This particular tree does really well with heat and humidity. It can survive in really any soil that you already have, so you won’t need to change it. The flowers on this tree can take either a red or magenta color that stands out against the vibrant dark green leaves. It can get up to 25 feet tall, creating the best shade and eye-catching piece that could be in your garden.

Judas Tree

Also known as the Redbud Tree in North Carolina, it is native to the southern area just as is the Crepe Myrtle. The fruit of this tree is beautiful dark lavender flowers. It ranges anywhere from 20 to 30 feet tall and 35 feet wide. Although this tree is definitely something to look at, you will want to keep in mind that it is extremely susceptible to tree disease and will require a lot of upkeep. It should be noted that after 20 years, the overall health of this tree can greatly decline.

The Snowdrift Crabapple Tree

crabapple tree

The delicate white-leafed flowers on this tree have yellowish sprouts that come up through the middle, and an almost lime-green, bright leaf to complement the flowers. This is a pretty compact tree that will normally range from about 15-20 feet tall and wide, allowing it to be placed anywhere you like, even right in the middle of your home’s landscaping. With the small nature of the tree, it won’t look out of place no matter where you put it. The Snowdrift Crabapple tree will require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, so you should do some research on the best place in your yard to plant this tree.

Brighten Up Your Charlotte, NC Lawn With Beautiful Trees This Summer

Are you sick of looking at boring plants? Do you venture out to admire the unique nature that other people have in their yards and gardens? Then it might be time for you to consider planting new trees that bring a little bit of color and beauty to your own home! Trees can create a good ROI and help make you the talk of the town. Your yard can finally bring you the joy that you have always wanted.

Once you make the leap to plant some new friends around your home, Pine Valley is here for your tree and shrub care needs by offering a tree and shrub care program that creates a protected environment for your greenery to thrive in. The professionals at Pine Valley Turf are here to help feed and protect your trees and ornamentals so that they look their best and are as healthy as can be!

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