Tree & Shrub

Here in North Carolina, we love our ornamental landscapes. Charlotte home and business owners recognize that our trees and shrubs do more than beautify our yards. When properly cared for, these large plants:

  • Eliminate Air Toxins
  • Provide Shelter for Wildlife
  • Deliver Shade and Weather Protection

Trees and shrubs placed near a building's perimeter can actually save on utility bills, helping to keep the temperature inside moderate at all times. Most importantly, a well-maintained landscape can actually boost the overall value of residential and commercial properties, making proper care of these outdoor assets a must.

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Pine Valley Turf: Customized Tree & Shrub Care That Protects Your Ornamental Landscapes

As a leading provider of lawn care, Pine Valley Turf knows that your trees, shrubs, and ornamental landscapes have different care needs than your lawn. Your large plantings are constantly battling a multitude of threats, including:

  • Insects
  • Disease and Sickness
  • Drought Stresses

Don’t risk the health and strength of your large plantings; partner with Pine Valley Turf for our innovative Tree & Shrub nutrition program. Pine Valley Turf’s effective, 6-step solution includes ten annual applications applied over the course of six visits. We launch in the spring and go right through until early winter for a comprehensive treatment approach.

Pine Valley Turf’s technicians spray our custom-blended liquid fertilizer directly onto the leaves and trunks of your landscapes to reverse damage and revitalize overall health. Our Tree & Shrub nutrition program establishes a healthy environment for ornamental landscapes, giving them everything they need to not only survive but to thrive!

Pine Valley Turf: We Value Customer Communication With Every Project Engagement

At Pine Valley Turf, we make customer communication a top priority with every project we undertake. We launch your Tree & Shrub care plan with a thorough onsite evaluation of your property to determine the right next steps for your plantings. We’ll communicate with you throughout the treatment process to ensure you know exactly what to expect with every application.

Here in North Carolina, we have a wide range of plant species with a diverse spectrum of care requirements. While it’s rare, there are times when our Tree & Shrub Nutrition program will not sufficiently meet the needs of every situation. In the event we can’t effectively service your ornamental landscapes, Pine Valley Turf’s technicians will let you know immediately. Our trained and skilled specialists will consult with you to discuss what needs to be done beyond the scope of the program, fully explaining why our program is not the right choice for your home or business property.

We Plant Vibrant Landscapes For Our Charlotte Customers

At Pine Valley Turf, we not only care for our clients’ trees and shrubs – we also plant them. We partner with home and business owners throughout the Greater Charlotte region to create and install customize landscape layouts that beautify your property and boost curb appeal. Want to hear more about our Tree & Shrub nutrition program? Contact Pine Valley Turf today!

Mosquito Control

Here in the Greater Charlotte region, our gorgeous weather means year-round outside activities. Unfortunately, the warmer temperatures also mean year-round mosquitoes.

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