Importance of Fertilization

Lawn care is a science and proper Fertilization by the experts at Pine Valley Turf is vital for a healthy lawn throughout the year. Many believe that as winter comes, there isn’t much that can be done on the lawn. When temperatures cool significantly, there is not much top growth. However, this is the time of year to continue establishing and building root systems of new and existing grass that will provide stability during times of stress next year. Our fertilization programs will give your lawn the nutrients needed to build healthy roots. Remember: Healthy roots equals healthy shoots!

Weed Control

Another important aspect of our lawn programs is weed control. Each season brings new weeds. Colder temperatures kill out summer weeds but also brings about winter annuals such as chickweed, henbit, clover, etc. We use the highest quality herbicides available on the market to ensure that we can control even the toughest weeds throughout the year.

Should I Get My Soil Tested?

Soil testing is done only when our program is not achieving desired results. Our fertilization programs are second to none and will typically provide the lawn with nutrients that provide optimal results.

Leaves and Lawn Maintenance

Be sure to keep the lawn free of heavy leaf coverage through fall and winter months. Heavy leaf coverage can be detrimental to new grass. Heavy leaf coverage can kill new grass within a few days.
Be sure to keep the lawn mower at a height of 3.5 to 4.5 inches year round. Never remove more than ⅓ of leaf blade at one mowing.


Make Pine Valley Your First Choice For Lawn Care

At Pine Valley Turf, we offer year-round lawn care services that are tailored specially for your yard. Our lawn fertilization program will ensure your yard is getting the nutrients it needs, making it more resilient to weeds and diseases.

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