Lawn Fertilization

Are you consistently maintaining your lawn, with little to no visible results? Lackluster lawns are a common problem here in North Carolina, where, no matter how often we mow and water, high temperatures, drought conditions, and heavy storm patterns can all take a toll on our properties.

Indigenous weeds and local pests can also pose a significant threat to even the healthiest lawns, quickly depriving the soil and root systems of the vital nutrients needed to promote new growth of vibrant, lush, dense grass.

If you're tired of fighting (and losing) against Mother Nature's attack on your residential or commercial property, Pine Valley Turf can help.

As a leading Charlotte lawn care service, Pine Valley Turf recognizes that effective fertilization is the very cornerstone of strong, healthy, vibrant turf. Since 2005, we've partnered with home and business owners throughout the Greater Charlotte area to develop customized lawn care fertilization solutions.

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We Use A Custom, Proprietary Fertilizer That Delivers A Full Feed Every Time

Pine Valley Turf’s Lawn Care Fertilization Programs run all year long and utilize a custom, proprietary fertilizer blend of:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

Our exclusive liquid fertilizer mix also includes a micro-nutrient package to nourish root systems and revitalize the soil pH balance, creating the right environment for your lawn to flourish.

Best of all, Pine Valley Turf’s fertilizer delivers a “complete feed” with every application, utilizing the entire spectrum of nutrients with each visit for optimized final results.

Which Pine Valley Turf Fertilizer Program Makes Sense For You?

Pine Valley Turf uses our distinctive fertilization blend in all of our lawn care programs. We offer three unique packages to deliver the perfect fit for every property. Our customers can select from:

  • Basic Lawn Plan

    Don't let the name fool you – there's nothing basic about this program.

    Our entry-level lawn fertilization program gives your property everything it needs for estate-quality turf. This plan offers:

    • 7 Fertilization and Weed Control Treatments
    • 2 Pre-Emergent Applications (included with 7 Treatments)
  • Premium Lawn Plan

    Pine Valley Turf's Premium Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan plus:

    • Core Aeration and Seeding
    • 1 Brown Patch Treatment
    • Root Feeding Insect Treatment
    • 2 Spot Seeding Applications
  • Custom Lawn Plan

    At Pine Valley Turf, we know that every yard has its own unique growing needs – it's our job to put together the right treatment approach. Our Custom Plan helps us do exactly that.

    This program includes all of the services in the Premium Plan plus one or more programs from our comprehensive menu of additional services:

    • Tree and Shrub Care
    • Soil Conditioning
    • Crape Myrtle Pruning
    • Fire Ant Protection
    • Kill Down
    • Shrub Trim Program
    • Season Long Brown Patch Suppression
    • Bluegrass Suppression

Whether you only need core care components or advanced services and treatments, Pine Valley Turf will develop a personalized property approach explicitly designed to help your lawn thrive.

Contact the Pine Valley Turf team today for a no-risk consultation; our onsite specialists can help you find the perfect property fit for your North Carolina lawn.

Insect Control

Here in Charlotte and the surrounding region, insects are a year-round nuisance. Our gorgeous North Carolina weather can bring yard bugs out in droves.

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