Insect Control in Concord

Here in Concord and the surrounding region, insects are a year-round nuisance. Our gorgeous weather can bring yard bugs out in droves. These tiny pests can quickly surround a home or office, making it their mission to find a way inside the building.

If you're tired of pests running rampant throughout your residential or commercial property, Pine Valley Turf insect control services can help.

As a leading lawn care provider in Concord, the team at Pine Valley Turf believes our clients shouldn't have to endure these tiny (hungry) bugs in their grass, beds, and gardens.

We deliver full-scale insect control solutions that eliminate infestations of pests devouring your property to help you take back your outdoor living spaces.

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Pine Valley Turf: Customized Insect Control Treatments And Applications

As an experienced North Carolina lawn care specialists, Pine Valley Turf recognizes that, when it comes to insect control, no two properties are alike. Our technicians carefully evaluate every yard to determine key factors that contribute to bug infestations, including:

  • Land Grade
  • Property Drainage
  • Woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • High Grasses

We carefully evaluate your lawn to not only determine what’s wreaking havoc on your property, but also where these nasty creepy crawlers are feeding, nesting, and breeding. Our skilled and trained specialists use this insight to create a customized insect control strategy that effectively targets these bugs, reducing their population and overall threat on your lawn.

Pine Valley Turf's insect control applications target a wide range of pests, such as:

  • Fire Ants

    Fire ants can pose a serious threat to humans, pets, and livestock, making it critical to have your property assessed at the first sign of an infestation. Pine Valley Turf technicians are trained in safely identifying and exterminating to remove them as quickly as possible from your property.

  • Grubs

    Grubs have a voracious appetite – and they love feasting on strong, lush, healthy lawns. A swarm of grubs can quickly devour your root systems, compromising the strength of your grass. Worse yet, these little larvae are a delicacy for all sorts of larger animals who can also destroy the look and feel of your lawn. Pine Valley Turf's insect control can eliminate these baby beetles and take your lawn off their menu.

  • Armyworms

    Fall armyworms get their name because they come in swarms of thousands, eating virtually everything in their path – including your grass and gardens. Some property owners report that they can actually hear these moth larvae munching on their yards. Our customized insect solution can halt a pending infestation from becoming a full-on property plague.

  • Scale

    Also known as the mealybug, scale is another hungry southern pest that feeds on plants and vegetation found on lawns. Pine Valley Turf's pesticide application can target these ravenous critters before they make your yard their main course.

Pine Valley Turf even offers mosquito control services to reduce the presence of these disease-carrying parasites. Contact us today to hear more!

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