In the world of DIY, there are many circumstances where taking care of a problem on your own is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, fire ant control does not qualify. Attempting to rid your property of fire ants can be dangerous, which is why you should instead opt for fire ant control from Pine Valley Turf. Here’s why.

Why You Need Professional Insect Control For Fire Ants

Fire Ants Are Dangerous

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of fire ants is probably what makes them infamous: their incredibly painful bites. However, the dangers of fire ants go beyond the immediate pain from their bites and stings. One person might walk away with a few red welts, but the reaction to fire ant bites could cause severe allergic reactions for others. And while most people don’t have a severe reaction, there’s no way to tell if you fall into that demographic until, well, you’ve been bitten.

A severe reaction to fire ants looks like the following:

  • Red bumps near sting site
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Anaphylaxis – an allergic reaction so severe that your throat closes up

That’s why it’s so important to leave insect treatments to the pros. There’s no reason to put your health – or the health of your family members – at risk. Our team has the safety equipment and training, so we remove the fire ants quickly, and no one gets hurt.

Fire Ants Hurt People And Property

In addition to causing painful bites and potentially serious medical situations, fire ants also cause major property damage. When their mounds erupt in our lawns, it damages the turfgrass. Fire ants are one of the most aggressive ant species, and they’ll attack anything they perceive as a threat. A “threat” could mean ordinary lawn care duties like mowing too close to the mound. If your dog goes sniffing, if your child is curious, fire ants will attack.

Even worse, fire ants are attracted to electrical wires, phone lines, and air-conditioning. Their activity can damage wiring, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs and replacing equipment. The minute you find fire ants on your property, you need to take action.

How To Tell If You Have Fire Ants

Fire ants aren’t subtle. They make your garden-variety pavement ants mounds look like child’s play. Fire ants create mounds that can reach several feet in height. Aside from the giant mounds, another way to know is to look for ants with unusual coloring. The little pavement ants you might find along the edge of your driveway and sidewalks. These ants are small and black. Fire ants are much larger – about 1/4″ in length – and while they can be black, they can also be shades of red. They also love sunny open areas of yards, which is why they often pop up on golf courses. Lastly, unlike pavement ants, who build mounds with an opening at the top, fire ant mounds have no entrance. That’s because the entryways are underground, where the ants can access it without leaving their network of tunnels.

Fire ant mounds are like the canary in the mine – if you find one, it means there is a large infestation of ants. So, if you notice ants – but not mounds – it means you’ve caught the problem early. Even if you haven’t noticed a mound erupting, if you spot fire ants on your property, call Pine Valley Turf right away.

Get Fire Ant Control Near Moorseville

Fire ant colonies can spread quickly. If you don’t tackle the problem fast, it’s not unusual to find upwards of 100 mounds per square acre of land – that’s millions of fire ants in your backyard! The longer you put off dealing with your fire ant problem, the worst it’ll be. Don’t fret! Contact the team at Pine Valley Turf. We tackle all kinds of surface insects – not only fire ants but also grubs and armyworms. There are several ways to go about exterminating fire ants. Our experts will advise you on the best solution for your situation. To speak to a professional or schedule an application, please call (704) 831-8917 or send us a message through our online form here.

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