The summer can bring you and your family many joys, from amusement parks to travel plans, but if you are staying home for the summer, you’re going to want to be comfortable and enjoy your outdoor activities and space. When there are things about your lawn that are hindering your time outside and mosquitoes have begun to surround your home, you start to feel like your outdoor space isn’t fun anymore. 

Issues with your lawn and with pests can make you feel discouraged to spend time in your yard and enjoy everything there is to do there. Especially when you get bitten by mosquitoes left and right not knowing what they carry and walking away feeling uncomfortable! 

To learn more about how to identify and treat both a common lawn disease and mosquito infestation, you’ll want to keep reading. 


Lawn Disease: Brown Patch

With this disease showing up everywhere across the country, it can be considered one of the most common lawn diseases around. Brown Patch is a fitting name for its symptoms because that’s how it appears, as brownish, yellowing patches throughout your lawn. 


However, it’s not going to be one entire patch across your whole turf, which is what differentiates it from grass that is dying from dehydration or lack of proper care. Instead, each patch will be circular patches and about six inches to a few feet around. Once the patches progress further into the disease, they can fuse together creating a larger, uneven patch.


Preventing lawn disease like Brown Patch is pretty simple: taking proper care of your lawn the first time around. This will save a lot of time and some headaches when it comes to your turf because preventing the issues means you won’t have to pay to fix it. In this case, a frequently cut and hydrated lawn can easily keep Brown Patch away. 


Pest Infestation: Mosquitoes 

Between the bites that itch like crazy and the viruses or diseases that they carry, you likely want to rid your property of this pest. Mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases and viruses from the West Nile Virus to Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).


West Nile Virus will affect the animals around you just as it will affect you and your family and is the most common to contract from mosquitoes. Alternatively, EEE is one of the more rare diseases that can be transmitted through mosquitoes and it affects humans and horses – so if you’ve got four-legged friends, EEE should be on your radar. 


Preventing mosquitoes is as simple as following a regularly scheduled treatment process, and you could be saving yourself a lot of trouble later on. 


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Our experts know how to deal with your outdoor issues whether that be lawn diseases like Brown Patch or pests like mosquitoes or other insect control. Our mosquito control program consists of six applications throughout the insect season to ensure you and your family are well prepared to fight off mosquitoes. 


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