Are you worried about how your trees or shrubs will rebloom in the spring? Spring tree care is an essential first step of the year. Most people don’t really know that they are capable of caring for their trees in a more substantial way than they currently are.


It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to taking care of your trees, and it seems to only pop into your mind when spring arrives. While yard care is important year-round, this blog will go into depth about where to start and what’s truly important.


It’s important to take the time to make sure your trees and shrubs are taken care of. This can be the difference between a yard that is struggling to bloom and a lawn that thrives.


To read about the top three spring tree care tips you can do to create a yard that thrives, keep reading!


Weeding and Cleaning Your Trees and Shrubs

Taking care of your North Carolina trees and shrubs in the spring can start with ensuring your trees are free of weeds. While many people are normally only concerned with the negative impact weeds can have on the look of their lawn and yard, weeds actually are very harmful to the plants, trees, and shrubs in the surrounding environment.


Weeds and clutter hinder your tree’s ability to soak up the nutrition they need to grow back healthy and big in the spring. While North Carolina winters aren’t harsh and cold, trees still bloom best in the spring and summer.


Feed and Nourish

Speaking of tree nutrition, after removing all those weeds, you’ll want to replenish the supply of nutrition for your trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, taking away the weeds that steal this will not be enough.


Replenishing your trees and shrubs can encourage a tree to thrive in an ideal environment. Using a fertilizer on your trees and shrubs can benefit greatly, from giving healthy green foliage to root development to flowering or fruiting trees.


These fertilizers should contain equal parts of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, for a beautiful green, healthy tree.



Scale, and other tree-damaging pests, are controlled with spring tree care.


Mosquito and insect control is a significant part of the tree and shrub care process. There are many insects that flood North America that negatively affect trees. Insects like the Mountain Pine Beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, and the Spruce Beetle, can attack trees, making them weaker every time.


Some will continuously lay eggs, and when they hatch, they feed off healthy foliage, ruining the trees you have worked so hard to keep healthy.


To protect your beloved trees and shrubs from diseases that these insects and pests can carry, you’ll want to ensure you use an outdoor spray repellent that is safe for your plants. Using insecticides can greatly defer the chances of these bugs becoming harmful to your garden, and just as easily prevent them from getting inside your home.


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