Charlotte is a beautiful, warm place to live that comes with one great hindrance: the need for year-round insect control! While you might love living in North Carolina, chances are you hate the pests that come with it. It’s not feasible to stay inside to avoid pests, so you have to make sure they are treated properly in order to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. 


Your lawn and landscape should be protected from insects like grubs, armyworms, fire ants, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mealybugs, etc. They are dangerous to both you, your family and friends, and your garden and lawn. 


Pine Valley can help to educate you on which insects you need to watch out for and how to treat them when you come across them. 


What To Look For



If your grass just will not turn green no matter how often you are watering and taking care of it in other ways, you might have a grub problem. 


Grubs are little white bugs that are part of the Japanese beetle life cycle. The Japanese beetle is the adult insect of the white grub. When it lays its eggs, they take anywhere from six to 50 days to hatch into grubs that will attack your lawn. When a grub infestation occurs, your grass will be able to be kicked up pretty easily, leaving little rolled pieces of your turf to ruin the look of your entire lawn. Another clear sign of grubs is when patches of your grass are browning much faster than the rest of your turf. 

One big issue that comes along with having grubs is they are great bait for other pests. If you are starting to notice there are little holes all over your lawn, you might have moles. 


While moles are kind of cute, they cause more damage to your yard by burrowing and tearing through the roots of your turf. This will inevitably make your grub problem worse, so knowing how to best care for and treat your property with insect control is the most responsible thing a property owner can do.


Fire Ants

These pests will make their homes in open areas, like your deck or patio, and they will use your plants for food. Fire Ants can easily attack animals and even kill them, so your furry friends are in danger just as much as you are with this pest. The ant latches itself onto you or your pet and will inject venom into you. While there are topical treatments to take care of wounds from Fire Ants, why risk it?



Everyone is familiar with these flying fiends and are equally irritated by their existence. While mosquitoes are typically thought of as annoying and minorly harmful, they can carry a variety of viruses or diseases such as West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and La Crosse Encephalitis. While these frightening consequences of leaving mosquitoes untreated are unlikely, they have no vaccine or cure if they do happen.


Every Lawn is Unique

While insect control can seem pretty standard across the board, it’s not as cookie-cutter as you might imagine. When you have your home evaluated to determine the best plan to implement for insect control, it’s important to take the following into consideration: land grade, property damage, woodlands, wetlands, and high grasses. 


When every aspect of lawn care is taken into consideration, the effects of insect control will be more useful long-term.


Pine Valley Turf is North Carolina’s Go-To for Insect Control

At Pine Valley, we understand the value of listening to a client’s needs, using our professional team members to evaluate your turf in extensive detail, and then taking every action we can to ensure your lawn is as pest-free as it can be year-round. We know it can be a feat to try to take on insect control yourself. 


Fungus Alert!

Be on the lookout for brown patch. This is a soil-borne pathogen that results in irregular brown circles in your lawn. These unsightly patches tend to be more abundant during the hottest months of the year. To avoid or clear brown patch, try to not overwater your lawn, using more fertilizer in those areas, and keeping your yard clear of leaves (they heighten the chances of fungi growth). 


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