Protecting your lawn and landscaping is a tough job that lasts all year long. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to give your landscaping a bit of extra protection is by adding mulch. Not only is mulch a beautiful addition to any lawn, it’s also incredibly beneficial. Here are four of the best reasons to add mulch to your landscaping this spring. 

Weed Control

The first benefit of adding mulch to your landscaping is weed control. Weeds are the enemy of homeowners all over the country, and in the spring, they come back with a vengeance. These annoying and ugly plants rob your trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants of vital nutrients and resources. This causes stress and damage to your landscaping.

Adding even a thin layer of mulch to your landscaping prevents the weeds below from growing. Without access to sunlight and air, the existing weeds die off. The layer of mulch even prevents weed seeds from growing. As the weeds disappear, your trees, shrubs, and plants have more access to the nutrients they need, resulting in healthier landscaping.

Water Retention

Another major benefit of adding mulch to your landscaping is water retention. During the heat of summer, drought-like conditions are common. This means you’ll need to be watering your plants more frequently. By adding a layer of mulch to your flower beds and around your trees and shrubs, you help retain the vital moisture. With less direct sunlight and protection from the heat, the water evaporates much less quickly. In the end, your mulched areas require less irrigation throughout the year.


One of the best reasons to add mulch to your landscaping is for protection. Harsh temperature changes throughout the year cause stress and damage to the roots of your trees and shrubs. The hot temperatures of summer and colder temperatures of winter can be a shock to plant roots. If you add mulch around your trees and shrubs, you can protect the roots. The insulating layer of mulch regulates the soil temperature, protecting the plants from stress and potential damage.


Finally, the most obvious reason to add mulch to your landscape is to add a pop of beautiful color to your property. Mulch comes in a variety of wonderful colors to accent your home. Mulch can be used to bring attention to your landscaping, boosting the curb appeal of your home and making for a more stunning lawn.

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