Everyone strives for that well-maintained, perfect, and pristine landscape for two main reasons: We want to increase the value and aesthetics of our home and we want to have the best-looking landscape on the block. But, did you know there are more benefits provided by a well-maintained landscape than just looks? Summer landscaping has more benefits than you may think.

Here are 6 benefits of a well-maintained landscape!

Improved Air Quality

By intercepting polluted airborne particles, trees and shrubs are constantly working to reduce the amount of carbon and pollution in the air. Statistics show that the total annual air pollution removal by US urban trees is estimated at 711,000 metric tons ($3.8 billion value). Just think of the improved air quality that properly maintained trees and shrubs would provide around your home.

Temperature Control And Reduced Cooling Costs

A well-maintained landscape also provides your home with significantly improved temperature control, especially in the late spring/early summer months. By providing shade in the summer, not only can your landscape keep your home cooler, but it’ll also moderate soil temperature. This is important to the health and growth of your other plants.

Also, evapotranspiration, which is the process where your trees and shrubs release water vapor, can cool the areas around your home by at least 6 degrees. Ultimately, this reduces the temperature inside your home and saves you some extra money.

Erosion Control

When planted firmly in your landscape (and properly cared for) plants like trees and shrubs will keep the soil planted firmly in place, even when rain from storms rush through. This will keep those important nutrients in the soil, instead of them running off into waterways and being wasted.

Improved Privacy And Noise Reduction

These are two of the social benefits of a well-maintained landscape. If you’re striving for that private, secluded feel around your home, you can do just that by planting and caring for trees and shrubs that provide that type of hardscape. By planting these types of large trees/shrubs, they will also aid in noise reduction. Whether that’s coming from the street, your neighbors, or the local work crews, large plants will block some of those sound waves, providing you with that sense of peace and tranquility.

It Keeps You Healthy

It’s true! Spending time outside and working on your landscape can reduce the amount of stress in your life. Especially when you see the results of your hard work!

It Looks Great

Likely the most obvious of the benefits, a well-maintained landscape looks great. A good-looking landscape can eventually result in:

  • An increase in the value of your home
  • More interest from potential buyers when it comes time to sell
  • Less time on the market
  • And ultimately… More money in your pocket!

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