What’s your lawn and landscape goal this year? Is it to get that lush, healthy lawn you’ll love and that your neighbors will envy? Or is it to get that pristine landscape that will improve your home’s aesthetics while simultaneously increasing its value? No matter what your lawn and landscape goals are, Pine Valley Turf is here to help. Here are three spring lawn care tips you can do right now that will make your lawn and landscape thrive all year long.

1. Fertilize Properly

Proper fertilization is one of the best things you can do for spring lawn care. Fertilization offers your lawn multiple benefits.

For example:

    • Strengthens your grass’s root systems – Fertilizer will provide your grass’s root systems with critical nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) for growth. Stronger root systems mean your grass will be more resistant to damage caused by things like drought, pests, and weeds.
    • A natural weed controller – Speaking of weeds, fertilizer also works as a natural defense against pesky weeds looking to steal those essential nutrients from your grass. As the roots grow stronger, the grass grows thicker. Thick, healthy grass will prevent weeds from receiving important elements (water, sunlight, and oxygen) for growth, ultimately preventing them from sprouting.
    • Fertilizer prepares your lawn for consistent, lush, and healthy growth.

Properly fertilize your lawn to control weeds and strengthen its root system in Charlotte, NC

2. Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

It’s around this time each year when your trees and shrubs are at risk of falling victim to disease and sickness, stress caused by drought, and insects like aphids and scale.

The best ways to protect your trees and shrubs are:

    • Pruning – Take some time to examine your trees and shrubs. Look for dead, dying, or diseased branches and gently prune them to stop further decay. Pruning will also provide your trees and shrubs with room for proper, healthy growth, ultimately benefiting the overall health and appearance of your landscape.
    • Fertilizing – It’s not just for your lawn — it’s for your trees and shrubs, too! Slow-release liquid fertilizer is perfect for your trees and shrubs, as it provides a constant stream of nutrients, resulting in healthy, uniform growth across your landscape.
    • Watering – Proper watering will allow the nutrients in the fertilizer to continue to be absorbed into the plant’s root system, promoting healthy growth. Be careful not to overwater, though. Only apply when necessary.

Protecting your trees and shrubs is an essential step to spring lawn care and will enhance the beauty of your landscape in Mooreseville, NC

3. Core Aeration

One of the issues your lawn may be facing following the early spring months is soil compaction, most often the result of heavy foot traffic and thatch buildup. Compacted soil will keep your grass’ root system from getting those important nutrients like sunlight, oxygen, and the goods provided by fertilizer. Core aeration is the perfect way to combat compacted soils. By strategically pulling cores of soil from the ground, aeration will provide “breathing room” for your grass to receive those important nutrients. These cores are then left on top of your lawn to decompose back into the soil, providing even more nutrients for healthy growth.

Need help with your spring lawn care? Call in the professionals.

At Pine Valley Turf, we have the services you need to get that thriving lawn and landscape you desire. Whether it’s our lawn fertilization service, our tree and shrub nutrition service, or our core aeration and seeding service, we can help you meet your lawn and landscape goals right now. Need help with your spring lawn care? Contact us here, or give us a call at (704) 831-8917 to hear more about our services or request a quote. Don’t wait; contact us today.