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Our Lawn Care Fertilization Programs give your lawn the best possible chance to grow and flourish. We have our basic program which will give you seven fertilizations and many of the core components you’re your grass needs for proper care. Our more advanced programs are comprehensive and will you’re your lawn everything it needs. However, to help you choose, we have listed what each treatment is and why it is important to help you make an informed decision. Click HERE to see all of our programs

Our total lawn care fertilization program

We provide seven fertilizations including:

Fertilization with crabgrass pre-emergent

    What the heck is pre-emergent:
  • Forms a barrier on the soil that keeps crabgrass from germinating
  • We do this twice per year
  • In February and April

Grub control – in May

  • But I don’t have grubs
  • EVERYBODY has grubs!

  • What's a grub?

  • A grub is part of the lifecycle of a Japanese Beetle. Once a grub becomes a Japanese beetle it eats all the foliage off your plants
  • While it is a grub, it feeds on the roots of your grass which weakens the plant. When you cut the roots off, it is like having
    a weak foundation on the plant.

  • And it invites in predators like moles that like to eat grubs.

  • Why don’t we want moles?
  • Further damage the roots and create those neat little tunnels under your yard.

  • Special blend of micro-nutrients, iron and potassium

  • Done in May and June
  • I could give you the full scientific explanation, but the bottom line is, your grass needs it and it makes your grass better.
  • Is appropriate for specific times of year to help prepare your lawn for fall and winter – Yes, we prepare lawns for fall and winter in June!

  • One brown patch treatment

  • Provides brown patch suppression for approximately 21 days
  • Optional additional brown patch treatments available

  • Soil nutrition preparing for aeration and seed

  • Performed in August

  • Core aeration and seeding

  • Done sometime between August and October
  • Increases air/water exchange in the soil and reduces compaction.
  • Your soil gets compacted throughout the year. As roots expand, they expand outward, and as people walk, mow grass, the plants are trying to breath through the soil. As the summer goes on, the soil becomes compacted. Compaction has the same effect on plants as placing plastic wrap around your mouth. It makes it pretty hard to breath. Aeration removes that plastic wrap! It allows the grass to breath and gives the roots new areas to grow into.
  • A common myth: Aeration DOES NOT make little holes for the seed to go into!

  • Fertilization for seed development

  • August - October

  • Fertilization to push new lawn through Fall

  • October
  • Includes spot seeding
  • Why is spot seeding important?
  • Instead of seeding your entire lawn again, which it doesn’t need, we come out to check on the lawn and if we find spots that need seed.
  • Stuff happens – and it happens to yards too. Things get dug up. Dogs pee on the yard…anything can happen to your yard..this gives us three times a year to seed your yard where it needs it to take care of things that come about naturally throughout the year.
  • Includes post emergent weed sprays