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One person operation with a truck and trailer (one man shows)

There are a ton of these operations around. Pretty much everyone who has ever worked for a landscaping company at one time or another has had the idea creep into their minds that they could do this themselves, and sometimes they do, and that is generally where these micro-business come from. Some of them might be very good and competitive on pricing, but many are not good, are undependable and can’t get their volume up high enough with the chemical supply houses to be competitive on price so the cost gets passed on to you. Here are some things to consider about single person operations:

  • They often have no base level of industry expertise - meaning they don’t have agricultural experience
  • Frequently over-charge. This is misleading sometimes. Because they are small, people assume their prices will be lower.
  • Totally at the mercy of the chemical suppliers. Because they don’t buy in enough volume, they are completely at the mercy of the chemical companies pricing.
  • May not know how to calibrate equipment properly.
  • Lack of education and industry education leads to you paying more for their mistakes.
  • 98% of all small businesses fail outright in the first five years.
  • 46% of all business fail in year one. So, there is significant chance that by the end of your season you’ll be shopping again when they disappear. When these types of suppliers go out of business, they don’t give notice, they just stop showing up.
  • Aeration – often they don’t own industrial level equipment, they have rented retail level equipment from the store that really doesn’t do the job you need it to do.
  • Often get their chemicals at Lowes – because of small size they do not get preferential treatment or pricing from the larger chemical supply companies and that expense gets passed on to you.

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