Pine Valley

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At Pine Valley, we are not just another faceless entity. We are a member of the Charlotte community. We are an established business that supports other local businesses and environmental responsibility. We do whatever we can to give back to those who have made us successful and to conduct our business in a way that supports a healthy planet.

Here are some of the things we do at Pine Valley that are very important to us:

Differences in what we use

  • We use green fertilizers and the latest, most environmentally friendly options available to the industry.

Support other local businesses
  • We try wherever possible to utilize only local vendors
  • We buy our plants from local green houses
  • Even when we buy furniture, we insist that it be made in North Carolina

Causes we support

  • We donate to hospice
  • Also donate to second harvest
  • We also support community youth swim teams, baseball teams, schools