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Boutique Firms

Boutique firms are the best in the business if you want to make sure you have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood, or, if you just want to have a nice looking lawn at all. These are the people who have an education in Agronomy and really understand plants and what they need. The owners and employees of these companies are often coming from prestigious golf courses or estates. They know EXACTLY what needs to be done to give your lawn the best chance of being strong, healthy, and beautiful. They understand the fertilizers, watering techniques, and calibration of the equipment. They never skip steps to provide a lower initial cost of the service, just to market back to you later. If your lawn needs it, they include it in the program whether you think you need it or not (like aeration… the golf course manager NEVER thinks about skipping it, and neither do we). With a boutique firm, you also have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the person responsible for your yard. Our customers know our people and recognize them out in the community. You won’t find that with any of the big firms! Here are some specifics about boutique firms:

  • Will normally have an agronomist (fancy name for highly educated plant dude).
  • Through education in agronomy they have access to University Agriculture programs and knowledge of who to talk to within those programs and even contacts remaining from their college days.
  • Programs are designed for the specific region and climate
  • We do your applications when they should be done, not when it is most convenient or most profitable.
  • We have staff on hand that can address all issues.

    We can be a one stop shop and:

  • Set your sprinklers
  • Mow your grass
  • Fertilize
  • Aerate
  • Landscape projects
  • Patios
  • Ponds
  • Landscape Lighting
  • If a boutique firm can’t do it, they will know reputable experts in that field and can give you a quick referral.
  • Have buying power and strong relationships with industry chemical/construction/landscaping supply companies.

    Expert personal attention from staff because we HAVE expert staff.

  • Our staff are educated and are a true resource for everything lawn care and landscaping related.
  • They have not been given 30 days of online training and turned loose on the world.
  • Better service
  • Better results
  • Custom service for your yard in your region for the specific time of year

    To work with a boutique firm is often comparable in price to working with the national companies – because their services are often not all – inclusive and they leave things out.

  • No upselling later
  • Services can be customized rather than one size-fits all